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Lori Majewski is familiar to DD fans for a few reasons - she ran a great fanzine in the 90s called TOO MUCH INFORMATION, she has never been shy about her love for the band through several of her entertainment jobs, and she is co-author of MAD WORLD, a terrific oral history of new wave music.

She did a Q&A with us in 2014, when MAD WORLD was released, but since then has become part of Sirius XM, where her support for Duran remains strong ! She was one of the hosts, along with Richard Blade, of the band's Sirius XM Listener Appreciation Concert in Miami, and that's just one of her cool Duran Duran experiences.

See what cool stuff Lori has been up to in our latest Fan Community Q&A! Click here
Over the past 20 years, Steve Harnell's career as a music journalist has taken him to countless concerts, interview junkets and album release parties. When the magazine he now edits, CLASSIC POP, did an issue devoted entirely to Duran Duran, DDHQ knew we had to pick his brain! The magazine, which has been around for 5 years, and focuses on synth pop-80s-new romantic era of music (among others) has always been good to the band so we wanted to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. Click here
Duran Duran have one date booked in 2019 and it is in Grand Cayman Island! But what drew them to KAABOO CAYMAN inaugural event?? The Duran Duran fan community was lucky enough to chat with Jason Felts, the Chief Brand + Marketing Officer for KAABOO! Read what he has to say about booking the band for this stand-out festival...Click here

Who doesn't know Patty? If you're a fan of the band, chances are you do. She's helped design a lot of awesome DD things you've seen around for oh, maybe the last 15 years! She worked with John early on with B5, and on Juicy Mens etc etc AND she launched her own totally amazing tee shirt line, Punk Masters. As her newest set goes on sale, we thought we'd check on in and say "hello"! Click here
Elliot Taylor: ace photographer, RICOCHET: David Bowie 1983 book assistant, Denis O'Regan right hand man, Roger Taylor's son (and so much more!) Click here
Derek Derek Derek ! DDHQ loves Derek! He has been working with us for awhile - first updating us on the Duran Duran podcast he was doing and then in a more official capacity with the monthly Collector's Corner that the band love. We had done a Q&A with him ages ago, before the CC, and we wanted to catch up with him, so here it is, a new. (and if we say so ourselves, terrific) Q&A with Derek Supryka! Click here
If you're a longtime Duran Duran fan, then the name John Warwicker wouldn't need a lot of explanation as he has worked with the band on art direction pretty much since their inception. If you aren't familiar, then this is an amazing Q&A for you to read - well, regardless, it's a pretty terrific Q&A from someone who was literally there from the beginning. Read on! Click here
Alan Stewart has worked with the band as part of the management team since 2003. He’s had a multitude of roles and most recently began managing the band’s official fan community. He also consults for NFL Football teams, wineries and runs Matt & Kim’s “Scream Team." Also, he is pretty darn cool in HQ's opinion. Click here
John (JJ) Jones is a Grammy Award winning record producer, songwriter, film composer, musician, sound engineer and recording artist, known for his work with Duran Duran, Celine Dion, Fleetwood Mac, Dan Hill, Mick Fleetwood,George Martin, Air Studios, ESP and Drumroll Studios among others. He was a big part of Duran Duran's WEDDING ALBUM (even playing with them on their MTV Unplugged) and since we're focusing on all things TWA this month, we knew he'd be the perfect Q&A! Click here
What's it like to work on Duran Duran's management team? Karen Ruttner, who has been working with the band for few years, agreed to draw back the curtain on what she does and participate in the latest Member Only Q&A! Click here
To quote the line from the movie WAYNE'S WORLD," "We're not worthy!"

Richard Blade is an icon himself, so when he agreed to do a Fan Community Q&A around the release of his book, WORLD IN MY EYES, we had to pinch ourselves! Richard knows the band about as well as anyone, and his Q&A is one of the best we've had the honour of hosting!! Click here
Micky Finlay has been with Duran Duran since 2010, making sure Dom stays sounding great at every show. We got a chance to speak to Micky before the Paper Gods tour ended (sob!) in Japan. Read his Q&A here! Click here
"A graphic memoir about growing up in the Philippines in the 1980s with Duran Duran, Imelda Marcos, and the EDSA Revolution. Mapa returns to Manilla as an adult for the funeral of her father and come to terms with her past. A graphic love letter to her parents, family, friends, country of birth, and perhaps even to herself."

The Duran Duran Fan Community is honored to speak to author Lorina Mapa about her new graphic novel, DURAN DURAN, IMELDA MARCOS & ME. Click here
Holy moly, we love Amy Vachon! She is, as one would say, an unsung hero (in the DD crew). She works with the Fan Community and has become a trusted, diligent and fun member of our gang. She's the right Q&A for this month since Duran Duran Appreciation Day is on August 10 and Amy certainly helps Duran Duran appreciate their fans. Read more about the wonderful Amy!

OH - and as a special #DDAD17 giveaway, we have THREE copies of Durandy's book, THE MUSIC BETWEEN US, which also celebrates Duran Duran fans...woot! Click here
We love Anna Ross! There, we said it!

She has been touring with Duran Duran for many years, bringing her own sound and style to so many of the songs she performs with the band - now it's her turn to step out in front!

Anna will be releasing her DEBUT solo album, FIRST DAY, and the first single, also called "First Day" (and co-written with Simon!), is out now! Read more to find out all about this amazing project!!! Click here
Poppy Wetherill works for the fantastic Blue Marine Foundation, for which Simon is a ambassador. Blue Marine's mission is simple: "The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) is a charity dedicated to creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing"

As big fans of BLUE and Poppy, we were pretty excited to have her as this month's Q&A Click here
Kev Bell is the Duran Duran Drum Tech on the Paper Gods tour - a job he is extremely well suited for...why? Because he's a lot like his "boss" Roger! Kind, steady and no drama, Kev lets us all in on what it's like to work for "the most chilled drummer" in music! Click here
Bernardo Arsuaga was a weekend sailor himself - a fan of the sport, but not a world competitor like a certain member of Duran Duran! When Bernardo, who had NO experience directing a movie, decided he would make a documentary about the unexpected victory of the Mexican yacht Sayula II in the first crewed sailing race around the world, he was taking a big leap of faith. He set forth with a lot of passion and it paid off.

THE WEEKEND SAILOR, which has now competed in, and won, many Festival Awards, is narrated by none other than Simon Le Bon. Bernardo shares his story in our latest Q&A! Click here
Backstage Coordinator - a job every young girl or boy aspires to? Maybe after reading this amazing Q&A with Vikki Walker they will. She really takes us in to the belly of the Duran Duran tour and shares some tricks of the trade and tales from the road! Click here
...SO Hate Is is a band from Italy who happen to be big Duran Duran fans and big fans of metal music. What happens when they decided to combine their two passions? A pretty cool new album called Big Metal Thing: Vol.1. Learn more about these Duran Duran metal loving rockers! Click here
This is a Duran fan/collector/archivist that literally needs no introduction, but let's do one anyway - Andrew Golub, known as Durandy, has been cataloguing and collecting on Duran Duran for nearly as long as he's been a fan. He just recently put out his second book - THE MUSIC BETWEEN US - and, while he has already done a Q&A for he fan community, we thought it was time for another one. Enjoy this interview cos Durandy is certainly one of a kind! Click here
TOKiMONSTA was the opening act for most of the third leg of the band's Paper Gods tour of North America - the DJ also got to perform in place of MNDR at one show - she sat down for one of our Q&As to talk about her career, touring with Duran Duran & what's next for her! Click here
We got to know her, a little bit, through Mark Ronson and their hit "Bang Bang Bang" with Mark and Q Tip. But we REALLY got to know MNDR recently when she stepped in to some pretty big shoes - Nick's - and filled in during the shows he had to miss on the Paper Gods tour. What makes MNDR tick? Read on! Click here
Who is that new lady singing with Anna Ross?? She made her North American Duran Duran debut last night in Nashville and we were lucky enough to speak to Miss Erin Stevenson to get her on the record about Duran Duran (oh, and her already-amazing-career!) Read more below! Click here
You may have first heard of Halo Circus when they were part of "Making Patterns Rhyme," the Manimal released Duran Duran Tribute album that came out in 2014. The band did a crazy-good cover of ""Do You Believe in Shame?" which garnered them a lot of attention. On the eve of the release of their upcoming album, BUNNY, Halo Circus' Allison Iraheta and Matthew Hager took some time out from their promo schedule to talk to the VIP Fan Community about their new music, writing songs with John Taylor, American Idol and more....Click here
It's hard to put in to words how much fun Marjorie Gubelmann, a/k/a DJ Mad Marj, is. She's an in-demand DJ (W Magazine called her "The DJ With A Diamond Touch"), spinning for everyone and anyone who is cool (clients include Bulgari, Tory Burch, Clinique, Kiehl’s, Longchamp, Joe Fresh, Roberto Cavalli, Target, W Magazine and more), and a MAJOR music fan. Even more exciting is that she's an unabashed Duran Duran fan, and shows her support by coming to a lot of shows and singing all the band's songs, new and old.

She said she'd do a Q&A for the DD VIP Fan Community website and we could not be more excited. We promise, this is one of the most joyful Q&As you will read!! Click here
Bernie Guerra has quite an enviable job - he looks after Duran Duran's guitars! But it's certainly not as simple as that statement makes it sound: He is on his feet during the entire show, after spending a day getting all the guitar equipment ready. Like some of you in the audience (wink-wink) he never takes his eye off of John, lest he need something in the middle of the show. It's an interesting gig, and Bernie is a very interesting interview subject! Click here
Meet Maya!

Maya Gottfried is a Duran Duran fan and the other of two books for children: "Good Dog" (Knopf), and "Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary" (Knopf), both lovingly celebrate the individual personalities and unique spirits of animals through poetry. She also worked at Animal Asia, and was involved in the PR surrounding Simon's participation in the "Let a Bear Sh!t in the Woods" campaign.

She was a lot of fun to talk to, as her passions are animals, writing and Duran Duran - sounds like the perfect Q&A to us! Click here
Marnie Dunstan is a pretty special person. Beside managing Mr Hudson, she's also a rarity in the music industry - a really nice person who is devoted to doing right by her clients and their audience. Even though she is as busy as can be, she made time to do a Q&A for the fan community and we're super grateful. This is a terrific read for anyone who ever thought about following their heart, and their dream, and making a career in music!! Click here
We sort of feel like this particular Q&A doesn't need a whole lot of introduction.

Tessa Niles began working with Duran Duran on the album "Notorious" with her work with the band hitting a career high with her incredible vocal on "Come Undone."

She's had an amazing career as a backing vocalist for many artists - including DD - and she's written an autobiography called "Backtrack", which looks amazing! Want to learn more about Tessa? Click here
Singer-songwriters the Bloom Twins got a great big surprise when they were asked to open for Duran Duran on their Paper Gods UK tour. Want to know more about Anna and Sonia Kuprienko? Though they're on the road with DD, the girls sat right down with pen and paper when we asked if they'd do a Q&A for the VIP Fan Community! Click here

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