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Member Exclusive Q&A with the fantastical Patty Palazzo! [2018-07-25]

New Q&A with Patty Palazzo! [2018-07-25]

Elliot Taylor AUDIO Q&A! [2018-07-24]

New JULY Kafe with Simon! [2018-07-24]

John's ALL LOVE Spotify Playlist [2018-06-20]

Member Exclusive Q&A with Photographer Elliot Taylor [2018-06-12]

Boys on Film - A Night with Duran Duran on BBC Four [2018-06-04]

New June Kafe with Nick! [2018-06-04]

New May Kafe with John! [2018-05-16]

Member Exclusive - Q&A with Derek Supryka!! [2018-05-15]

New Member Exclusive Q&A with Derek Supryka! [2018-05-15]

Duran Duran at Kaaboo Cayman! [2018-05-15]

April 2018 Kafe with Birthday Boy Rog! [2018-04-19]

Member Exclusive Q&A with John Warwicker! [2018-04-16]

New Member Exclusive Q&A with John Warwicker [2018-04-16]

New March Kafe with Simon! [2018-03-15]

Member Exclusive Q&A with the Fan Community's Alan Stewart [2018-03-08]

New Q&A with the fan community's own Alan Stewart ! [2018-03-08]

Duran Duran LP Coming for Record Store Day US [2018-03-08]

31 Songs for 31 Days [2018-03-01]


The New Oscar Kafe is so awesome, it required two parts! [2018-02-25]

Duran Duran on The Wedding Album's Silver Anniversary [2018-02-20]

Member Exclusive Q&A with John Jones [2018-02-08]

New Q&A Posted with The Wedding Albums John Jones! [2018-02-08]

Roger in the January Kafe! [2018-01-17]

Member Exclusive - Q&A with Karen Ruttner from Magus! [2018-01-07]

Duran Duran Year End Lists [2017-12-28]

Band Holiday Greetings 2017! [2017-12-24]

Special Audio Collector's Corner! [2017-12-21]

All Four Year End Kafes Posted!!! [2017-12-14]

Duran Duran Fan Community's Four Weeks of Giving! [2017-11-26]

Duran Duran to perform Exclusive Sirius XM show in Miami [2017-11-17]

Member Only Contest! Win Tix to see Duran Duran at Invitation Only Miami Concert! [2017-11-17]

Member Exclusive - Q&A with DJ and author Richard Blade! [2017-11-15]

New Member Exclusive Q&A with Richard Blade [2017-11-15]

New November Kafe with JT [2017-11-14]

Duran Duran's "Face for Today" Fan Video [2017-11-01]

Duran Duran to Perform in Las Vegas New Year's Eve Weekend! [2017-11-01]

Duran Duran in Vegas! [2017-10-29]

Member Exclusive - Simon in the October Kafe! [2017-10-19]

Member Exclusive - Interview with DD Guitar Tech Micky Finlay! [2017-10-17]

New Member Exclusive Q&A with Dom's guitar tech Micky! [2017-10-17]

Duran Duran on MEDAZZALAND & exclusive audio from Nick! [2017-10-12]

Member Exclusive - Q&A with author and illustrator Lorina Mapa! [2017-09-17]

New Member Only Q& with Lorina Mapa [2017-09-17]

Roger in the September 2017 Katy's Kafe! [2017-09-12]

Simon in the August Kafe! [2017-08-16]

Duran Duran Venture into Virtual Reality for #DDAD17 [2017-08-10]

Member Exclusive - Q&A with DD Fan Community's Amy Vachon [2017-08-09]

New Member Only Q&A with Amy Vachon [2017-08-09]

Duran Duran "Face For Today" Photos [2017-08-08]

Duran Duran to Perform 2 Shows in Japan [2017-07-20]

New Katy's Kafe with Nick! [2017-07-16]

New Member Only Q&A with backing vocalist Anna Ross!!!! [2017-07-10]

New Member Q&A with Anna Ross! [2017-07-10]

JT Birthday Kafe [2017-07-09]

Member Only Q&A with the BLUE's Poppy Wetherill [2017-05-16]

Member Q&A with Blue's Poppy Wetherill [2017-05-16]

duran duran - #rio35 - an oral history [2017-05-10]

Duran Duran to Perform during the Singapore Grand Prix, September 16 & 17 [2017-04-24]

NEW! Member Only Kafe with Roger! [2017-04-21]

Cool Spotify Playlists to listen to! [2017-04-21]

DD Fan Community HAS Electric Picnic tickets! [2017-04-04]

New Member Only Q&A with Tech Kev Bell! [2017-04-03]

New Member Exclusive Q&A posted! [2017-04-03]

New Members Only Ticket Giveaway! [2017-03-27]

Listen to Duran Duran Live from South America! [2017-03-22]

Duran Duran to headline Electric Picnic Sunday September 3 [2017-03-22]

New Duran Duran Dates Announced!!! [2017-03-19]

Duran Duran’s “Last Night in The City (featuring Kiesza)” Remix EP [2017-03-09]

New Kafe with Simon! [2017-03-05]

Members Only Paper Gods Tour Ticket Giveaway - Hollywood & Atlanta! [2017-03-03]

New Oscar Kafe! [2017-02-23]

New Member Only Q&A with Director Bernardo Arsuaga! [2017-02-21]

New Q&A in the Exclusive Section! [2017-02-21]

New AUDIO Collector's Corner on! [2017-02-21]

Duran Duran Announce Additional 2017 Tour Dates [2017-02-08]

New Katy's Kafe with Nick! [2017-01-20]

Member Only Q&A with the fantastic Vikki Walker [2017-01-10]



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